FilterLabs provides enterprise class virus and spam protection for email as a hosted solution. By selecting a hosted solution, it minimizes the amount of work required to integrate a filtering solution into your existing email infrastructure. It also eliminates unwanted traffic on your email system. This can save time and money because your existing hardware will be able to scale farther.

How does it work?

On The Client Side...

It is very easy to configure your domain for our service. You only need to know your current mailserver IP or hostname and have the ability to change the DNS MX record of your domain to us. This way we will initially receive the email, process it, and then only if it is good email will we forward it to your mailserver. After you add all of your email accounts to the FilterLabs website, everything will be ready to go. We also offer batch creation of accounts to speed up the process of adding accounts.

On The FilterLabs Side...

We provide an easy to use interface to a very powerful backend spam and virus filtering engine. There are multiple layers of verification that each email has to pass through before it is deemed spam and virus free. FilterLabs's engine leverages multiple real-time blackhole lists, custom filtering techniques and enterprise level virus scanning to protect our clients.

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